The STAR of the pond!  Water lilies need a minimum of 6 hours full sun exposure.  Ideal depth for a water lily is 1-2 feet of water above the top of the container soil level.  If necessary, shim the pot the water lily is in to the ideal depth by using a block or another pot placed upside down (a black nursery pot is ideal!).  Water lilies should be planted in hole-less short containers.  The larger the diameter the better (16”-20” is best).  Follow soil prep instructions prior to planting lily into tub.  The crown of the plant should be slightly above the soil level.  Water lilies need lots of fertilizer for maximum growth and bloom.  Use one fertilizer tab per gallon/month beginning in May until early August.  Keep lilies away from splashing or turbulent water.  To overwinter your lilies simply keep in area of pond that does not freeze solid.  Around 2 feet of water is typically sufficient. 




This ZONE 4 easy to grow pond plant needs warm water and a minimum of 6 hours of sun exposure for optimal growth. In early spring, take the LOTUS out of the pond and place it in full sun for faster growth.  Fertilize one tab per gallon monthly as soon as growth tips emerge.  Keep the container topped with water and return it to the pond in early summer.  Once in the pond, keep 2”-6” of water over the top of the soil level.  Lotus should not be fertilized beyond August.  Once fall approaches, leaves will begin to yellow.  Do not cut leaves until they are brown and crunchy and do not cut below the water level.  In late fall (late Oct – early Nov before ice forms) submerge the pot to an ice free depth (about 2-3 feet). 



  • Fertilize finger depth around the outside of the pot
  • Lotus can be grown on a deck or patio with great success
  • Lotus are sensitive to plant sprays & pesticides
  • Rinse aphids and other insects off with water
  • Keep seed pods for decoration
  • Re-pot every 2-3 years for best growth potential




Transplant your shallow water plants into mesh baskets as large as possible for its location to allow maximum growth potential.  Follow pond soil pre planting instructions.  Plant shallow water plants in mesh baskets at the same height as the containers it was grown in.  Fertilize your shallow water plant(s) monthly for optimal growth and/or bloom.  Plants can be placed in the pond in the shallow area of the pond. Generally the taller the plant, the deeper the plant can be planted. Although, when planted in a mesh container, water will draw through the mesh and keep the plant well saturated, thus it is okay if the plant is above water level when placed in the pond.  Plants that are hardy to Zone 5 need no special over winter requirements and can be left in their location throughout the winter. hardy.bloody.dock



Pond plant soil should be mixed with water prior to planting. Use a large tub or wheelbarrow and add water to the dry soil until it begins to bind together to form a ball when compressed.  When the soil is squeezed, water should not come out.  If too much water is added to the soil, allow to dry slightly or add more soil.  When planting, fill soil in pot and pack VERY FIRMLY around roots.  Pea gravel may be added to top for decorations and to help keep fish from burrowing into roots.  Slowly lower pot into water on a slight angle to avoid disturbing new planting.